Lolita Type: Unlimited, Retired (David, 2nd Darkest Skin)
• Name: Gavin Lamport
• Nicknames: Gav
• Age: 22
• Orientation: Bisexual
• Race: Human
• Occupation: n/a
• Magical Abilities: n/a
• Weapons: hidden knife
• Relatives: Bella (half-sister)
• Hobbies: playing pretend, swimming, "treasure hunting"
• Personality: Gavin is high-spirited guy who loves to rough around and go on adventures. If he can, he'd be outside most of the time, prefering the ocean to anything else. When it comes to protecting family and friends, Gavin's willing to do anything. He's also willing to do anything for a treasure.
• History: Like his half-sister, Gavin grew up being doted upon by his father. Also like her, his mother was of a certain profession, though different from Bella's mother. But Gavin didn't like being a spoiled child in some ways, prefering to go outside and play pretend, often times using his father's boat. As he got older, he began to start stealing things at random, going along with the pirate fantasy. This would often get him into trouble, eventually getting him sent away to the Underground with Bella.
• Miscellaneous: Gavin likes to think he's a pirate and has been known to steal at times.
• Text Color: #CD661D
• Current Residence: n/a
• Current Love Interest: n/a