Lolita Type: Limited (Olivia)
• Name: Hasana van Arden
• Nicknames: Sana
• Age: 24
• Orientation: Straight
• Race: Human
• Occupation: Princess
• Magical Abilities: n/a
• Weapons: n/a
• Relatives: Diviana (cousin), Marie (cousin)
• Hobbies: fashion, modeling, partying
• Personality: Hasana, though seeming formal, is very much an out-there kind of girl. She loves to mingle and enjoy life as well as keep up with the latest fashions and modeling them in front of a camera. Even if she seems a free spirit, Hasana is loyal to her family and responsibilities which always come first.
• History: Hasana grew up in the Kingdom of Goldwynne, a neighbor to the Kingdom of Aston in which lived her uncles and two cousins, Diviana and Marie. The girls often played together but as they got older, they became busier and thus didn't see one another much. Hasana went about her duties until hearing about a childhood friend, Jameson, a duke's son, leaving to find Marie. Hasana found out he was in an arranged married with her blond cousin thus left in a hurry to find Marie before he could, thus bringing her to the Underground.
• Miscellaneous: Hasana has a large collection of fashion books and magazines.
• Text Color: #CD8C95
• Current Residence: n/a
• Current Love Interest: n/a