Lolita Type: Limited (Tangle)
• Name: Brennan Cloudseer
• Nicknames: Brenn
• Age: Unknown (appears 26)
• Orientation: Bisexual (leans more towards men)
• Race: Faerie
• Occupation: n/a
• Magical Abilities: flight, able to change size, able to aid plant growth
• Weapons: dagger
• Relatives: Shayla (half-sister)
• Hobbies: lazing around most of the day, tending to gardens and forests, cloud watching
• Personality: Though Brennan likes to be lazy, he does tend to get a lot of work done in a good amount of time. He's easy going and hard to anger. He'd much rather sit around and talk, laugh, or gossip rather than pick a fight.
• History: Being born a faerie of nature, Brennan has always lived in forests or tiny communities. During his times of lazing around, he'd watch humans and other races travel through, listening to their talk of other towns. Eventually, the talk made him curious enough to follow the travelers which lead him into the Underground. Though he's not keen on the size and modernness of it, he does enjoy flitting around and learning new things.
• Miscellaneous: He's a sucker for a good gossip magazine and likes to keep up with celebrities lives.
• Text Color: #FF4500
• Current Residence: n/a
• Current Love Interest: n/a