Lolita Type: Unlimited, Retired (Casey, Palest Skin)
• Name: Faelan Kincaid
• Nicknames: Fae
• Age: Unknown (looks 24)
• Orientation: Bisexual
• Race: Shape Shifter (gray wolf)
• Occupation: Hunter
• Magical Abilities: changing shape, darkvision (60ft)
• Weapons: fangs, claws
• Relatives: Seff (brother), Lucas (brother), Kieran (brother), several others
• Hobbies: hunting, playing outside, running
• Personality: Faelan likes to keep to himself for the most part. Sometimes he's quiet and won't speak much unless he really knows the person...or if challenged in some way. But he can be very playful and lovable when he feels like it...or serious and mean, depending on who he's with at the time. With his family and friends, he's very protective and would kill to keep them safe.
• History: Faelan grew up in a pack of shape shifters who could shift into different animals depending on the family. The Kincaid family was one of the strongest thus they changed into large wolves. When out hunting at an older age, the clan ended up being attacked by a fairly decent sized army of humans who's leader hated the shifters and wanted them destroyed for hunting on his lands. Faelan was too late to save anyone thus he had to save himself, his running taking him to the Underground. He is still fearful of being killed as well, though he tries not to let that show, and would fight to the death if needed.
• Miscellaneous: Though a "loner", Faelan aches for a mate to call his own. He wants his own family.
• Text Color: #008B8B
• Current Residence: n/a
• Current Love Interest: n/a