Lolita Type: Limited (Tsuki)
• Name: Desirée Bowen
• Nicknames: Desi
• Age: 22
• Orientation: Straight
• Race: Human
• Occupation: Bard
• Magical Abilities: charms by music
• Weapons: n/a
• Relatives: n/a
• Hobbies: playing her flute, music in general, walking the gardens
• Personality: Desirée is usually a very respectable person, always trying her best to be polite and proper. But when something annoys her, people would know. When lonely or upset, she'll play her flute. Though she's not anti-social, she doesn't seem to make friends easily.
• History: Desirée grew up in the Aston kingdom, her parents close friends of the king. In return, Desirée got close to Diviana. Because of her love of music, she was allowed to train as a bard and often played for large crowds though usually always alone. Being young, she had fallen for her friend's cousin, Loki, but ended up getting her heart broken. She quickly left after that, following her friend to the Underground.
• Miscellaneous: Music is very soothing to her and the only person she detests is Loki.
• Text Color: #F56721
• Current Residence: n/a
• Current Love Interest: n/a