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All lolitas posted here on this site are the creations of NoFlutter of Gaia Online. Some were bought from her first shop, Rejected Material's My Pet Lolita, while some of the more previous ones were bought at her current shop, Sweet Cream Couture: A Lolita Doll Store. If you are interested in role playing, please visit the guild, Rejected Material's Underground. You are not allowed to take any of these lolitas and you certainly can't alter them in any way. If you want your own, buy them from her shop.

• 02.09.10 - Two more lolitas have been added.
• 01.27.10 -
Added two new lolitas~ And all profiles have been made!
• 01.19.10
- Moved to a new site again because this one's prettier and easier to update.
• 12.03.09 -
Added eight new lolitas! @~@
• 11.20.09 -
I did a little more tweaking with profiles and four new lolitas have been added!
• 11.15.09 - Long time, no update. I just updated a few link errors and reset residenses and love interests. Basically, I'm starting over. :3
06.19.07 - Added a new lolita plus updated lots of images~
05.25.07 - Four pirate lolitas added!
05.22.07 - Transferred to a new host since Geocities kept freezing on me when making edits.
05.21.07 - 'Nother new lolita~
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04.19.07 - Two new lolitas added!
04.14.07 - All broken links are fixed. Two new lolitas have been added~
11.03.06 - Moved the profiles and stuff to this site since my other one only let me have a certain number of pages. >-<