Lolita Type: Limited (Laurent)
• Name: Eric Hayden
• Nicknames: n/a
• Age: Unknown (appears 26)
• Orientation: Straight
• Race: Human/Spirit
• Occupation: Baron
• Magical Abilities: floating, moving through walls, invisibility
• Weapons: n/a
• Relatives: n/a
• Hobbies: wandering libraries, playing the piano
• Personality: Eric is usually a pretty happy person though now he seems more depressed.Amara's laughter can cheer him up but most of the time, he floats around looking sad. But he tries to look happy when people are around so he doesn't worry them.
• History: Eric was once a living, breathing man, set to marry the baroness Amara. The night before their wedding day, however, turned out to be a tragic one. Both of them were magically killed by a jealous ex-lover of his and their spirits were pushed away from one another. They now roam the mortal realm as ghosts, their business unfinished. They believe, though, that there could be a way to give them life again but they've yet to find it. The two have decided to just remain friends for now since being unable to touch each other is painful.
• Miscellaneous: When playing a piano, he doesn't pay attention to anything else.
• Text Color: #7BA19C
• Current Residence: n/a
• Current Love Interest: n/a