Lolita Type: Unlimited, Retired (Wynter, 2nd Palest Skin)
• Name: Sinya Chorkina
• Nicknames: Sin
• Age: Unknown (appears 23)
• Orientation: Straight/Bi-curious
• Race: Muse/Demon
• Occupation: Muse (dance/music)
• Magical Abilities: suggestion, flight, disappearing, teleporting, darkvision (60ft)
• Weapons: n/a
• Relatives: n/a
• Hobbies: dancing, listening to music, collecting jewelry
• Personality: Sinya only recently really developed a personality since being an ivisible muse didn't require one. She seems to be a bit emotional, not able to fully control her emotions. But she hates to be teased and picked on, feeling as if it's a direct insult to her.
• History: For as long as she can remember, Sinya has been a muse of dance, continually inspiring others to dance and be merry. But her demon heritage caused her to be disliked by other muses and thuse she left her norma area to find others to inspire. When coming across a lonely and scared Nikolai, Sinya pulled together a physical form and tried to befriend him. Together then traveled and eventually came to the Underground.
• Miscellaneous: She finds emotions to be annoying and hard to control. She also dislikes most modern technology.
• Text Color: #9C005D
• Current Residence: n/a
• Current Love Interest: n/a