Lolita Type: Limited (Female Gryffindor, 2/10)
• Name: Catori Riveras
• Nicknames: Cat
• Age: 15
• Orientation: Straight
• Race: Human
• Occupation: Student, Witch/Mage
• Magical Abilities: numerous (in training)
• Weapons: magic
• Relatives: Aiden (brother)
• Hobbies: reading, doodling, baking
• Personality: Catori is outgoing for the most part but enjoys being alone to read up on dragons. She doesn't mind her studies so much but often can't concentrate on them. She does have a bit of a temper, especially when getting teased by her brother.
• History: Growing up in London with her witch mother and muggle (non-magic person) father, Catori was a happy child. Like her brother, she was accepted at the age of 11 to attend Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When the study abroad program came up, Catori jumped at the opportunity and was able to come to the Underground with her brother to further her skills.
• Miscellaneous: She has a bit of an obsession with dragons.
• Text Color: #8B0000
• Current Residence: n/a
• Current Love Interest: n/a