Lolita Type: Limited (Stepmother, 1/10)
• Name: Diviana Charvaria
• Nicknames: Divi
• Age: 22
• Orientation: Straight
• Race: Cambion (half-demon [succubus])
• Occupation: Princess/Future Queen
• Magical Abilities: darkvision (60ft), flight, portal opening, seduction (reality/dreams)
• Weapons: her portals/claim over lesser demons
• Relatives: Marie (half-sister), Loki (cousin), Eidel (cousin), Hasana (cousin)
• Hobbies: reading, socializing, watching dreams, fooling around
• Personality: Diviana is obviously of royal stature in the way she holds herself and how she speaks. However, she does speak her mind and will flirt shameless if allowed. When it comes to her friends, family, and herself, she can get rather defensive. If pushed too much, she'll lose her temper, a wrath no one would want to experience. When pissed enough, she's been known to open portals to Hell to let the demons claim a new victim.
• History: Diviana was conceived on a night of hazy passion between the King of Aston and a lovely succubus despite the king's marriage to another. But the affair was through his dreams, helpless to the succubus' charm. Months later, a baby Diviana was delivered to him, giving the king the child he had always wanted. Diviana was taught to be a lady, growing up with her half-sister Marie (a legitimate child). But as she got older, the kingdom's people began to revolt against the idea of Diviana taking the throne, them not wanting a bastard child, much less a half demon, to rule over them. Not long after, the queen passed away and, unable to stand the heart ache and wanting to give her sister the chance to rule, Diviana left for the Underground in hopes of finding something new, only returning to the kingdom when she was ready.
• Miscellaneous: Loves to flirt and enjoy herself yet is responsible enough to take care.
• Text Color: #B6A9B8
• Current Residence: n/a
• Current Love Interest: n/a