Lolita Type: Unlimited (Jordan)
• Name: Kieran Kincaid
• Nicknames: Kier
• Age: Unknown (appears 26)
• Orientation: Straight
• Race: Shape Shifter (dark red wolf)
• Occupation: Second in Command
• Magical Abilities: changing shape, darkvision (60ft)
• Weapons: fangs, claws
• Relatives: Faelan (brother), Seff (brother), Lucas (brother), several others
• Hobbies: flirting, sneaking up on people, mimicking Lucas
• Personality: Though he's second in command under Lucas, Kieran tends to be very relaxed. He takes his position seriously but doesn't enjoy giving out orders left and right. In tough situations, he's very reliable and becomes Lucas' clone, so to speak.
• History: Kieran was appointed Lucas' second after their father passed away but he mostly spent his days taking it easy and flirting with the ladies. However, as soon as they were attacked, he became all business and defended the clan as furiously as Lucas. When he was struck down with a bullet to the back, he thought his life was over. Lucas saved him, though, and nursed the two of them back to health. When they were well, they took off in search of their other siblings.
• Miscellaneous: He's not the best of flirts but tries anyways. He also loves to have his belly rubbed.
• Text Color: #440219
• Current Residence: n/a
• Current Love Interest: n/a