Lolita Type: Unlimited (Alice)
• Name: Allison Reed
• Nicknames: Alli
• Age: 19
• Orientation: Bisexual (leans more towards women)
• Race: Human
• Occupation: Inventor
• Magical Abilities: n/a
• Weapons: her bodyguards
• Relatives: n/a
• Hobbies: creating androids, playing D&D, chasing after Tempest
• Personality: Allison sometimes comes off as an air-headed blond but she's actually on a genius level. She doesn't like to show off her smarts except when showing off her creations. Otherwise, she tries to be a normal girl.
• History: Allison has been creating all sorts of things since she was a child. She flew through school without any trouble and is now trying to start up her own company that sells robotic toys and full-sized androids. While shopping around for clothes for her androids, she met Tempest and the two dated for a while but Allison was a bit too clingy for her. When Tempest left to run after her brother, Allison followed her, hoping to win her back.
• Miscellaneous: Even though she has her creations, she's actually very lonely which is why she seems so clingy at times.
• Text Color: #7DC6E0
• Current Residence: n/a
• Current Love Interest: n/a