Lolita Type: Unlimited, Retired (Fabian, Palest Skin)
• Name: Nikolai Belova
• Nicknames: Nik
• Age: Unknown (appears 25)
• Sexuality: Straight
• Race: Human (demon possessed, vampire cursed)
• Occupation: n/a
• Magical Abilities: flight, strength, unknown
• Weapons: n/a
• Relatives: n/a
• Hobbies: reading, doodling, keeping out of the sun
• Personality: Nikolai is a bit of a depressing person, disliking the luck fate had given him. He hates what he is and thus stays away from people in fear of scaring them away. But a he has a kind heart and would like to make many friends if possible.
• History: Nikolai had grown up as a normal boy and into manhood when fate struck him down. At 25, he had come across a vampire and was made into one against his will. Not wanting this curse, he pleeded to anyone with power to help him, eventually getting the attention of a demon who decided to take advantage of his situation and possess him. The demon and curse balanced out, leaving Nikolai in control. Hating even more of what he was, he took off, traveling only at night. He later caught the attention of Sinya who helped him along and guided him to the Underground.
• Miscellaneous: He has a slight Russian accent and loves to lurk around libraries.
• Text Color: #212121
• Current Residence: n/a
• Current Love Interest: n/a